MA - Northborough/Southborough Chapter

The communities of Northborough and Southborough are compiled of numerous residents giving back to their communities through various volunteer organizations.  Neighbor Brigade is just one organization that solidifies the commitment of its members to help those in need. Whether a community member is sick, temporarily incapacitated, experiencing a hardship, or just needs a helping hand, the volunteers of Neighbor Brigade are ready to help. Our message to you is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We are here for you!

Chapter Leaders

Judy Boyle
Judy has been a resident and active community member of Northborough since 2003. A real estate sales professional by trade, Judy feels everyone deserves quality of life. She supports her community in many ways but through her involvement with Neighbor Brigade, Judy sees her efforts instantly help those in need. Giving back is one way Judy shows her gratitude for the many blessings she has.

Mary Leach
Mary has been a Northborough resident since 1999. When not at her desk devoting herself to her career, she is dedicating her time to her family and to those in need. Mary, a mother of two, has been a Chapter Leader with Neighbor Brigade since 2004. With a passion for helping those in need, Neighbor Brigade is a perfect fit for Mary. Reaching out to those reluctant to ask for help and then seeing the impact it has on the family is a win win. Recipients and volunteers both feel good. We are here, ready to lend a hand to our neighbors in crisis.