As part of our organizational policy to ensure the safety of our volunteers and our recipients, we require that all of our volunteers undergo Food Handler Training.

We have chosen the following three resources for our Food Handler Training.

Volunteers involved in meal preparation and delivery are required to read through material in each of these three links in order to understand the regulations for safe food preparation, handling, storage and delivery, as well as food allergy cross-contamination in meal preparation.

Once you have read through these resources, please check the Safe Food Handler agreement box in your volunteer profile (login at, select the My Profile –> Qualifications menu and select Yes regarding Food Handler Training) or notify your Chapter Leader.

We also recommend that all food is labelled and ingredients used are listed for all meals, but as a requirement for families with food allergies. You may print the Neighbor Brigade Meal Prep Print Out to write out your ingredients (or if you would like to type the ingredients, you can use the Fillable Neighbor Brigade Meal Prep Print Out) as a guide for your food preparation and labeling.

Thank you!!!

Additional Resources for Food Safety: