Each time your community has a new need, your Chapter Leader should send you an email notifying you of activities coming up over the next month or so or last-minute needs. You should then login at http://volunteer.neighborbrigade.org and click on the Opportunities tab (then choose your preference from the Opportunity Calendar or Opportunity List option) OR check out Opportunities from the Menu in the My Impact app on your mobile device.

You can also login at any time to see if there are any needs available. Login at http://volunteer.neighborbrigade.org or using the My Impact app on your mobile device and click on the Opportunities tab from the menu bar.

Please Note:

  • You may need to update your Qualifications to see some Activities (for example, providing rides will require a valid background check and driver’s license. You can update your Qualifications under the My Profile tab (top right of your home screen after logging in at http://volunteer.neighborbrigade.org or from the Menu in the app.) Other times Opportunities may be visible to everyone and you may be required to provide your Qualifications after signing up.
  • You may need to adjust the filter settings to show all tasks (for example, the filter may be set for only tasks with or without openings, or that you are/aren’t Qualified for).
How do I know what Opportunities are available?