Many Neighbor Brigade Chapters have volunteers who are able to provide rides to essential appointments, such as doctor appointments or pharmacy pick-ups (but not general things like hair appointments or general dental cleanings). Because there will be face to face contact, we require a background check on file for everyone in contact during the activity, also Neighbor Brigade volunteers cannot supply any medical assistance (including lifting individuals into a vehicle). A client and Chapter Leader or Program Director will discuss the time/date and pick up/drop off locations for the ride. Depending on the ride details, a Chapter Leader may decide to break a ride up into two separate tasks (i.e. a ride to an appointment and a ride home from an appointment) or one round trip. There is no guarantee a ride will be filled by a volunteer, so alternative options should be in place if necessary (or example, taxi, Uber, Lyft, community transit, public transportation). Once the ride has been confirmed with a volunteer, the volunteer will pick up the recipient as scheduled. If contact information needs to be shared (for example, the volunteer runs errands while the recipient is in a doctor’s appointment and the volunteer gets a call when the appointment is over) the volunteer can share the information with the client at his or her discretion. Volunteers are not permitted to assist in any medical activities or attend/act as liaisons at medical appointments. Volunteers may not sign any release forms that assume responsibility for the client. Clients should let Chapter Leaders know ahead of time if any extra equipment (e.g. walkers, wheelchairs, car seats), or passengers will be needed. Additional passengers may also need to undergo a background check.

How do rides work?