You can see any of the listed Activities by logging in and looking at the Opportunities tab.

  1. Log in at or the My Impact app.
  2. Some activities you might not be able to see if you don’t have updated qualifications in our system. To make sure your Qualifications are up to date by going to My Profile and then Qualifications and updating/saving the appropriate settings.
  3. Click on the Opportunities tab from the menu, on the web browser you can choose Opportunity List or Opportunity Calendar view.
  4. There is a Filter Activities box at the top of the Opportunities page, you may need to adjust your filters if you aren’t seeing Activities that you are qualified for. For example, the Filters may be hiding Activities that have already been filled. Make sure the box next to “Only include activities that have openings available” is unchecked.
  5. Click on the Activity name you are interested in learning more about or signing up for. You will be brought to the Activity description and signup page or pop-up window depending on your view.
  6. Read/scroll through the description. Depending on your view and device you are using, mark the check box next to and time shift(s) you are interested in signing up for and then click the “Signup for Selected” button, or just use the Sign Up button for each shift.
  7. You should see on the screen a signup confirmation. (Note: You will not receive an email confirmation of your signup, check your Schedule tab if needed for verification.)
I can’t find the Activity my Chapter Leader emailed me about, where is it?