You can make a meal for your neighbor! Go for it! Feel free to bring over a meal to a friend or someone you know in crisis, however, if your friend needs a larger network of volunteers, that’s where Neighbor Brigade can help! We have thousands of volunteers across the country. With so many strangers interacting we need to have some precautions in place.

  • Qualifications, waivers and liability forms are required by our legal team in order to provide security for all of volunteers, clients and our organization. If anything were to go wrong, accidents or ill-intentions, we will still be able to help our neighbors and protect our volunteers.
  • Demographic questions on the application and in your My Profile settings are optional. However, providing these details not only allows us to apply for grants and funding (almost all of which require this data), but also allows us the ability to examine our practices and outreach to make sure we are succeeding where we intend to, not spending time where we aren’t succeeding and cultivating clients and volunteers from all parts of our communities regardless of gender, race, religion, skin color, ethnicity, culture, language, education or income level. We stand by our organization as inclusive.
  • Our volunteer management software is built to cover the needs of many different models and size volunteer organizations. We cannot customize everything and our organization does not use all of the settings and options and features. This may make the process feel more complicated, but it really still is just an online sign-up! Look at some of our tutorials or contact and we are happy to lead you through sign ups!
I just want to make a meal for my neighbor, what’s with all the application questions and requirements?