Often times there is a description of what might be needed for a dog walk, but sometimes clients and dogs are just happy to get the dog out of the house. Generally, you will show up at the client’s home. The dog(s) should be ready and the client will meet you at the door with the leash, poop bags, and any other information. You may want to find out if the dog gets along with other dogs, will pull on the leash if there is a squirrel or other distraction, how to dispose of a poop bag, as well as a recommended walking route if you don’t know the area. We find most dogs we help are well adjusted and well behaved pets. Often times volunteers are given treats to help bond with the dog, you will want to ask before bringing your own in case the dog has food sensitivities. You will likely walk the dog for 10-20 minutes.

What does a dog walk entail?