Almost anything goes! Unless allergies, dislikes, or food restrictions are mentioned in the description, there are no rules on what you make or don’t make. Remember the containers you deliver the food in will not be returned to you. Some people might make a home-cooked entree with sides and dessert, while others drop off pizza takeout. You decide! Grab takeout from a local restaurant, pick up prepared meals at a deli or grocery store, or make everything from scratch. It’s up to you. You might choose to just  include a main dish (baked chicken, lasagna or soup), or you might want to throw in a salad, fresh bread and cookies for dessert. It’s entirely up to what you want to do! Drop if off warm, or include heating instructions. Anything works! Once you have prepared the meal, you’ll typically drop it off to a cooler outside the clients home during a specified time frame. You generally do not need to ring the doorbell or interact with the recipient, a lot of times this is a quiet time for them!

What is involved in signing up to prepare and deliver a meal?