Background checks are valid for one year and then the paperwork must be filled out again.  Background checks are required for any intentional face to face interaction of service, checks are required for for example providing rides and friendly visits, but are not required for many tasks. While delivering meals, clients and volunteers may see each other but should be aware that background checks have not been done and we do not recommend volunteers step foot inside the home of a client if no background check has been completed (as written in our volunteer handbook).

In Massachusetts, background checks, also referred to as CORI checks, are free of charge but volunteers fill out forms and photocopy their ID’s to complete the process.  For chapters outside of Massachusetts our background checks are managed by Sterling Volunteers, a national background check system, and involve a fee that the organization is responsible for.

Neighbor Brigade staff are responsible for processing all background checks after they have been completed and we update the volunteer profiles when they have been completed. We also send an email to the volunteer letting them know it has been updated or expired. Background and personal information is not shared beyond staff, board members and perhaps Chapter Leaders. 


What is the Background Check process?