In order to minimize spam filter conflicts, reminder emails are not the default. You will need to opt-in to reminders.  If you opt-in, you will receive reminders on the weekend, one and two weeks before the activity that you’ve signed up for. (So if you sign up on Monday for an activity on Friday, you will not receive an automatic email reminder!)

If you use a calendar service on your phone or computer you can add individual activities from your schedule tab, or set up and subscribe to a calendar feed in your profile. Depending on your calendar settings, it can automatically fill, update and send you reminders (i.e. google calendar, outlook calendar, or iCal).

To set up your subscriptions:

  1. Log in to your volunteer profile at or on the My Impact app. 
  2. On the website, click on the My Profile/Contacts tab on the upper right side, and scroll down. You’ll see the Subscriptions section on the right side including setting up a calendar feed. On the app, you can subscribe to the reminder emails by going to the Schedule tab of the menu and scrolling down. 

Please note, you will not receive an automated confirmation when you sign up for an activity. Check your schedule tab to confirm your signup!

Will I receive a reminder about the activity I signed up for?