Neighbor Brigade establishes community-specific networks of volunteers that can be mobilized to help residents facing sudden crisis manage day-to-day tasks such as meal preparation, rides, and basic household chores. Using web-based coordination tools, we manage recipient requests and the recruitment of volunteers to fulfill those requests sensitively, quickly and free of charge.


Pam-Washek After suffering her first bout with cancer in 2002, Pam Washek decided to turn her pain into purpose by helping others experiencing similar crises. She and her friend and fellow cancer survivor Jean Seiden first established the Wayland Angels to “pay forward” the acts of kindness they received from their own neighbors during their cancer treatments. In 2010, Pam transitioned Wayland Angels into the formally incorporated nonprofit Neighbor Brigade, a vehicle to give people in communities beyond Wayland a means to support their fellow neighbors when serious illness or other tragedy strikes.

Pam understood our shared human need for community and our need to care for and be cared by one another. She believed it was imperative not only for those who need the assistance, but for volunteers’ benefit as well.

Pam lost her battle with cancer in 2012, but her legacy lives on in Neighbor Brigade.