Our recipients are why we do what we do! Here we share just a few Neighbor Brigade experiences.

The Brisson Family – Wayland MA Chapter

Jacqui Brisson was diagnosed with cancer in May 2008. Her diagnosis came as a sudden shock to the loving mother of three sons and her husband David. Already a member of Neighbor Brigade herself, Jacqui had prepared and delivered meals countless times to others in need. When she was in need herself, Neighbor Brigade galvanized support in return. During the six years Jacqui battled cancer, Neighbor Brigade’s army of support provided countless meals and performed other day-to-day tasks as needed to assist the family as Jacqui endured ongoing treatments and hospital stays. After Jacqui passed in March 2014, Neighbor Brigade was there once again to provide a helping hand, easing the burden and allowing the Brissons to concentrate on healing through this painful time.

Joan Grazie – Franklin MA Chapter

At age 85, Joan Grazie was no stranger to general aches and pains, but when a yearly visit to her doctor for a cortisone shot resulted in a cancer diagnosis, Joan was thrown for a loop. During a routine x-ray on her shoulder, doctors noticed suspicious black spots on her right lung. After a biopsy, Joan was diagnosed with Stage 1 lung cancer and required 15 doses of daily radiation treatments. Living alone, with no family close by able to assist, Joan needed help getting to and from her appointments. Neighbor Brigade volunteers stepped in. For 15 straight days, volunteers filled the online calendar and drove Joan to her appointments, waited during her treatment, and brought her back home. Volunteers also brought her flowers and food, which kept her spirits light during her intensive treatments. During these daily trips to and from the hospital, Joan had a friendly face to sit with and talk to, and she felt companionship during a difficult time.

Barbara and Maureen Nyen – Needham MA Chapter

Sisters Barbara and Maureen Nyhen not only share their lives together, but at the ages of 59 and 62, both faced cancer together. The sisters faced four months of ongoing treatments, ER visits and difficult days at the hospital. Neighbor Brigade’s corps of volunteers helped out by providing meals two to three times a week for a total of 39 meals. On days when the sisters were at the hospital and not able to greet the volunteers in person, Neighbor Brigade donated a cooler at their house so meals could still be delivered. The sisters could come home from a long day to find meals waiting for them. Volunteers also surprised the sisters with gift baskets of goodies during the holidays containing cookies, snacks, candles and hand and body products. The Nyhen sisters credit the thoughtful generosity of Neighbor Brigade volunteers with helping them get through a difficult time.