Neighbor Brigade regularly receives assistance requests from individuals and families outside of our existing network of chapters. In order to expand our reach, we rely on compassionate, capable individuals who share our vision and recognize our program as both needed and possible within their towns. Consider bringing this wonderful gift to your community!

Starting a chapter involves a series of steps designed to make sure Neighbor Brigade is right for your town and that new chapters and chapter leaders are set up for enduring success.

  1. Understand your responsibilities and commitments as a Neighbor Brigade Chapter Leader as explained in the Neighbor Brigade Volunteer Handbook.
    Some of our new chapters develop from volunteers moving from other communities or word of mouth from current volunteers in other communities. Either way, your first step is to contact Polly ( who can discuss the organization policies, put you in touch with a current volunteer Chapter Leader to talk about day to day obligations, and provide you with the Chapter Leader Application initial checklist.Key responsibilities include but are not limited to:chapter-green-lg

    • Meet with our Executive Director, either in-person or on the phone, to discuss the Chapter Leader Role.
    • Review the Better Impact Software training material to become familiar with the volunteer management software.
    • Make an effort to attend Chapter Leader get together opportunities (1-2 times per year).
    • Recruit volunteers in your town.
    • Client outreach and screening
    • Input client requests into the software and assuring waivers are acquired for clients who do not have access to a computer.
    • Help our Executive DirectorΒ monitor and ensure sustained chapter health.
    • Promote Neighbor Brigade’s mission and fundraising efforts
  2. Work with our Executive DirectorΒ to determine whether Neighbor Brigade is right for your community and becoming a chapter leader is right for you.
  3. Work with our Executive Director to recruit a co-leader! Neighbor Brigade requires that every new chapter start with a minimum of two leaders. This ensures greater continuity for new chapters and facilitates outreach and peer support in the management of a chapter.
  4. Participate in our chapter leader orientation and training sessions. Training requirements include approximately 3 hours of initial group training and participation in our periodic on-line, in-service training on discreet topics related to managing your chapter.
  5. Launch! Neighbor Brigade will work closely with you to develop and carry out a public relations and outreach effort to get your chapter off to a powerful start, contributing the expertise of our in-house public relations expert and supporting materials to help you spread the word in your community.

To learn more about bringing Neighbor Brigade to your town or for recruitment assistance in identifying potential co-leaders, contact Executive Director, Polly Mendoza (