Our volunteers are amazing and the heart of Neighbor Brigade!

While we transition our Chapters to our new software system, this page will contain news and instructions on logging into the system, as well as helpful documents and resources. ALL CHAPTERS LOGIN AT http://volunteer.neighborbrigade.org. Please contact support@neighborbrigade.org for assistance if you would like help logging in.

Logging into your Neighbor Brigade Volunteer Account:

You can retrieve and reset your username and password in the new system using the email address that is registered with Neighbor Brigade, or by emailing support@neighborbrigade.orgaqua-car

Update your Volunteer Account:

For all Volunteers, please review our Neighbor Brigade Volunteer Handbook, update your CORI form if you plan to perform tasks that require a CORI (for example providing rides or friendly visits), and review our quick online Food Handler Training Links.

Please update your information in Your Profile, especially your Contact Information and settings, Additional Information and Qualifications.

Logging Hours

Your time is important to us! Our new software allows you to log volunteer hours and provide feedback on your experience to help Chapter Leaders and future volunteers. To log volunteer hours after you have completed a task (for example, meal preparation may take 2 hours, you can including, shopping, preparation, and delivery time):

  1. Login to http://volunteer.neighborbrigade.org
  2. Click on the Hours tab
  3. Use the pulldown menu to select the activity that you would like to log hours.
  4. Enter the Date, Hours, Minutes and answer any Feedback questions.
  5. Click Save!

New Software Instructions/Tutorials

If you have any software questions, please email support@neighborbrigade.org.