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Assisting the Elder


Active volunteers, login here: 

The heart of our organization is our Chapter Volunteers, running errands, preparing and delivering meals, walking dogs, providing rides to medical appointments, mowing lawns and more to support our clients in a temporary crisis. Chapter volunteers choose tasks based on interests and availability and sign up using our volunteer software website or app. There is no time requirement.

Aside from Chapter Volunteers, we welcome Chapter Leaders for existing or new chapters, Board Members, Committee Members (Pam’s Run, Fundraising, Events, Strategic Planning, Marketing), Public Relations, Translation help, or Social Media Support. Please contact our Executive Director​, if you are interested in any of these roles.


To get started, please read our volunteer handbook, and look through our Volunteer FAQs. Then find your Chapter in the list of current chapters below and start the application process.


Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are asking volunteers to complete a background check and two short training modules in order to volunteer in order to participate.

Voluneer FAQ's
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