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Here is a look at our recent years, in review. Click an image to learn more about how many people we have assisted and how we try to improve our communities.

“Neighbor Brigade has been a blessing to me. All of the coordinators who set up the transportation and the drivers are such amazing people to work with and the support is so greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for all you do for others!”



“Working with Neighbor Brigade is a simple way to help my community. I know there are people out there struggling and I truly want to help.”



"I went through a really hard time back to back, first a car accident and then COVID. My kids needed them just as much as I needed them and the services they provide is a little bit more hands-on than just a referral. They are very wonderful people to work with, the volunteers were so kind it’s as if they became family during the hardest time and that was so human."

Maynard, MA Client


"It is amazing to see a friendly face and have a helping hand when you fall ill and have no one to help or talk to. Please consider the impact you have on a person’s health and wellbeing by interacting with your neighbor in need. It will likely come back to you in spades."

Ashland, MA Client


​"Neighbor Brigade has been truly a blessing for us at a very challenging and difficult time! Dealing with serious injuries from an accident that impacted my mobility, while simultaneously receiving radiation treatments for cancer, has been beyond overwhelming. The Neighbor Brigade provided me with rides to appointments (as I was unable to drive) and several meals (that were ready when I returned home from my treatments) all from caring volunteers who were happy to assist me. Thank you." all so much!"

Natick, MA Client


"I broke my ankle and was in a wheelchair. I have a 16-year-old son and a 92-year-old mother. I do the shopping and the cooking. My girlfriend told me about Neighbor Brigade. I was a little apprehensive about doing this as I am very independent, but it was an absolute Godsend to have them come. It relieved such pressure off me to know my family had hot meals and every person who came to the door was kind and sweet and it just made you feel good to know that people care and truly want to help."

Braintree, MA Client


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